Meet Darlene Ellison

Hi, friend! Welcome to a community that is, well, evolving.

My name is Darlene Ellison and life thus far has been quite a ride.

Just like all of us, I’ve had the good, the bad and the ugly. I’ve laughed until I peed in my pants and I’ve cried until I ran out of tears and feared the smile muscles in my face would never work again. I am a mother of two, a professional woman, an entrepreneur, a yogi, a serial volunteer, a mentor to young women, a connector of people.

I am an award-winning author, a professional speaker, a national children’s advocate fighting child sexual abuse, a former counselor/diagnostician specializing in childrenIPPY Book Awards

I am in my 50th year (and all that comes with it!), I am an empty-nester, I love the beach, I don’t like my carrots cooked and I have met Oprah.

…and all of these things are topics for future blog posts 😉

When I first meet the college-aged women that come through my Women in Business Summer Internship Program, I talk a bit about my resume. I point out that it can be viewed two ways: that I have schizophrenic tendencies and can’t seem to settle on just one thing OR that every professional experience, coupled with my personal life experiences, are stepping stones to where I am today. BUT, this is not my end game.

I am evolving…

So are you, and that is why I hope you will stop by, visit often, stay awhile. Your engagement in our community of SHE is what will keep the fire burning. None of us were meant to be “alone in a crowded room” and we certainly don’t need to reinvent any wheels.

Share with me! Challenge me! Evolve with me and be a part of…

Evolution of SHE!