Leading with Attitude in 2019

Happy New Year!

I’ve now had almost two weeks to truly ponder what 2019 promises and what my personal and professional resolutions might be.  Yes, it has taken me two weeks to sit down and put my words on paper.  So what did I come up with?

Well, first of all, my personal and my professional resolutions are one in the same. I’m all about efficiency. Ha!  Secondly, I have a bit of an “organizational chart” for my resolution. Those that know me well are smiling and saying to themselves, “Of course she does. How Darlene  of her”

So here it is…

My resolution’s parent company is ATTITUDE.


You see, a few things – let’s call them “aha moments”—occurred at the end of 2018, spent in the quiet beauty of Durango, CO.  Yes, a White Christmas, but who knew that snow-covered mountains could be so, well, QUIET.

Much of 2018 is a blur. I overcommitted myself and I’m competitive, so if I say I’m going to do something, I not only do it but I want to be the best at it.  It really wasn’t until I got to around November and realized that almost every email to me, every call to me, every conversation when I saw friends in the community started or included, “I know how busy you are” or “Do you ever sleep?” or “I wish I had your energy to do all that you do.”  At first I wore it like a badge of honor. By Thanksgiving, I wanted to cry every time I heard it.  Seriously? THAT was how people viewed me and would remember me someday? The BUSY one? Ugh. No good.

As I rounded the corner into 2019, I resolved to lead with ATTITUDE, because I get to choose it in every situation, in every minute of every day. In 2019, I am leading with ATTITUDE. An attitude of what, you ask? Well that’s where those subsidiaries come in.

Instead of living my life from the “outside, in” where my motivation comes from to do’s, societal expectations, chaos and noise, I am choosing an ATTITUDE of living my best life from the “inside, out.” And I’m doing it in the most simplest of ways in the most simplest of situations.  I will be more attentive to what is my truth inside of me, which will drive my attentiveness to those people and circumstances that matter most to me.  While the world tells me that all is broken, noisy and chaotic, I will respond with kindness. A smile, a gesture, a gentle heart, a kind word. And when the fire of anger or frustration begins to ignite inside of me, I will respond with grace, peace and quiet resilience.

Just in writing this last paragraph, my breath deepened, my shoulders relaxed and I smiled.

Yep, 2019 is going to be my best year, because I will have an attitude that is simple, attentive, kind and full of grace. It’s going to be an amazing year.  Be on the lookout for future blogs about our choices, our attitudes and how they affect all that we do, from the inside, out.

Namaste’ & Happy New Year from my family to yours!



Note from the SHE Files: Attitude is a choice…choose carefully!