Living Life Eyes Wide Open…The REAL Source of My Writer’s Block

I have some SERIOUS writer’s block.

One of my best friends asked me the other day if I had dropped her from my Evolution of SHE blog email list because she had not received/seen a post from me for several weeks. Ugh. I had to admit I was in the depths of writer’s block.

Naturally, she simply asked, “Why?”  Well, it’s not what you think.

You see, some writer’s have block because they are not sure which direction they want to take their story/thoughts.   Others experience the block because they can’t seem to find anything to write about.

Definitely NOT the source of my block.  No, my block was because of so much more. Literally.

She Believed She Could, So She DID panel discussion

I had the honor of speaking as a panelist at C.C. Young’s “She Believed She Could, So She DID” event, celebrating trailblazing women, in March. My fellow panelists were two extraordinary women whose stories blew me away. I definitely needed to write about their courage, their spirit, their drive and their compassion. What an amazing experience!



But then my son came home from Boston for a few days and our relationship as friends truly showed its

My son and I at Depeche Mode tribute band concert

colors.  Oh how I couldn’t WAIT to write about the evolution of our relationship! And did I mention he actually likes the same 80’s music that I do?

But, alas, the visit was followed by an always-inspiring lunch with my dear friend who is living with cancer.  It’s amazing how much great conversation, inspiration, raw truth sprinkled with plenty of laughter we can fit into 90 minutes over a plate of Mexican food.  I so look forward to our lunches.  Definitely blog-worthy.

Yet shortly thereafter, I had the opportunity to attend Fashion Stars for a Cause, benefiting the Suicide & Crisis Center of North Texas. Definitely not my style to wear a formal gown and my new heels were killing me, but that all melted away when the fashion show began. A show filled with stories of so many women who had survived unthinkable loss, grief, courage and, ultimately, stepped out in public, telling their stories and inspiring others with education, passion and, in this case, fashion for one of the greatest causes…help & healing for those affected by depression and suicide.

Just when I started to write, just last week, I celebrated 35 years of the Lakewood Service League at the LSL Reunion Luncheon.  As an almost-30-year member, I joined other

Lakewood Service League Reunion Luncheon

“long-timers” as we sipped, we celebrated and we remembered a dear friend we had lost to a heart attack under a year ago. As we “reunion-ized,” I became introspective during the video portion of the program.  In the good times, in the simple times, in the complicated times, in the devastating times – these were some of the women who were “doing life” by my side, even when we went for months without talking or miles separated us. Now THAT is something to write about.

And then, just like that, BOOM! It hit me.

My writer’s block was not because I had nothing to write about.

My writer’s block was because I had SO MUCH to write about.

Yep, completely over-stimulated by the simplest moments in life.

And just like that, the writer’s block was gone.  The Evolution of SHE, my dear friends, was not about writing about particular events or experiences.  The blog was right there inside of me all the time…about the simple things, about living life eyes-wide-open, about finding happiness in the moments.

The Evolution of SHE is about LIVING life, TAKING IN the experiences, and REFLECTING how they make me feel back out into the world.

Open your eyes, SHE-friends, because happiness is in life’s little details.


“Cherish everything in your day that contributes to happiness: spending a special moment with a child, drinking a cup of your favorite coffee, joking with a co-worker, saving a rosebush from destruction.  Happiness hides in life’s small details.  If you’re not looking, it becomes invisible.”    –Dr. Joyce Brothers





Notes from the SHE Files: Happiness is in life’s little details, so live your life EYES WIDE OPEN