New Beginnings and the Evolution of SHE


We have crammed a lot into this week and at every turn there seemed to be a great potential topic for this week’s blog. Do I write about some transitions at work (all good) that will shift my job a bit? Do I write about the fact that my baby girl just turned 21 and is entering into the first phase of adulthood? Or do I write about the precious new addition to our family – our new furry child?

Amidst being awakened by golden retriever puppy whimpers all night and visits outside every couple of hours, I took a step back to find the common thread of this week’s experiences. New Beginnings.

New Beginnings can be exciting. New Beginnings can be adventurous; New Beginnings can be utterly frightening. New Beginnings can be a dire necessity. And, speaking from experience, as most of you know from my own story, New Beginnings can be a life changing game-changer. And this week’s events took me back to the very core of my essence and the importance of New Beginnings in my life…

In my quiet, wee hours of the morning reflection, my history of New Beginnings gave me pause. In every case, — whether it was trying to figure out how to raise two young children amidst the unthinkable chaos of 12 years ago, or beginning a new job that I really knew nothing about, or daring to enter into dating and even marriage a second time around or even start my new entrepreneurial endeavors with India Hicks a year and a half ago – it was NOT the New Beginning that was the life-changer. No, not at all.

Some of the New Beginnings were slung at me by life’s events that I had no control over. Some of the New Beginnings were choices I made after standing on “the edge of the cliff” for far too long. In all, the true life-changer was my REACTION to these New Beginnings. The “E” in SHE is representative of the Essence of every woman. It’s what lies deep inside of us that is the very core of who we are in our darkest times and our greatest moments.

In MY Essence, every New Beginning is an opportunity waiting to happen. And most of the time I have NO CLUE what that opportunity might be…I just have faith that there is one and I will see it like a neon sign when the time is right.

Yep, THAT is a part of the very Essence of ME. How about you? What New Beginnings has life dealt you or have you sought out? What was your reaction? How did that pan out for you?

Starting this week, I can now enjoy some “girlfriend time” with my now-adult daughter and share stories over a glass of wine. Starting this week, I am filled with a drive and desire to continue to build my business and expand it into an array of opportunities both for me and for other women on my team. And today, as all of my “boys” (my husband included) quietly nap from the rigor of adding a new member to our family, I am excited to be a new Mom. Now off to take a nap of my own 🙂



Note from the SHE Files: There is a new beginning around every corner…embrace it with optimism and enjoy the journey