Ode to the SHE Moms: There Is Pride and Pain in the Journey

In my 50 years, I have known a few moms and the stories they have told,

So, sit back and enjoy as I attempt to poetically celebrate these beautiful souls, young and old.

A woman is not born a mom, it’s something some strive for, in all the joy it can bring,

But those of you in that club called “Mom,” know some of the trials, tribulations and that it is not always an easy song we sing.

As you read this blog on such a special day, I hope you will raise your glass and join me in a toast

To the glorious SHE Moms we all know and the multitude of stories that they can surely boast.

A toast to…

The brand-new Mommies, with blurry eyes and a larger-than-usual chest

We toast to what joys we know are ahead of you and wish you, someday, plenty of rest.

A toast to…

The SHE Moms juggling a multitude of young children – for me that’s anything over TWO

May you, in your no doubt harried life at home and in the car, get that spa day that is probably overdue.

At toast to…

My dear Mom-friends who tried so hard to bear their own child, but biology did not agree

You are my favorite moms to watch, as you worked so much harder for this “Mom-hat” and love your children unconditionally.

A toast to…

The single Mom I have written about before, some of you challenged by being both the Mom and Dad

I’ve been there myself, and it was no easy feat – may your home be filled with DOUBLE the love that you have ever had.

A toast to…

You SHE Moms of teenagers, especially teens of the female persuasion

I PROMISE the eye rolls do end, she comes back to you and your heart will burst at the occasion

A toast to…

My SHE-Mom “super girls” who raise your school-aged children and work outside of your home base

Give yourself permission to heat up dinners, order groceries online and keep on-hand your favorite wine by the case.

A toast to…

My dear Mom-friends who are tearfully counting down the day they will drop their baby off to college, especially those coming home to an empty nest,

Hug them tight and love them from afar and celebrate the spreading of their wings – I promise that watching them evolve truly is the best.

A toast to…

The SHE Moms whose children with special needs require so much more of their patience and time

Your child’s love for you is so pure, innocent and unconditional and that, my dear friends, is sublime.

A toast to…

All my SHE-friends who are the best moms EVER to your furry, four-legged friends

I am one of those too and know the love we have for our furry children, and they love us back in huge dividends!

A toast to…

My sweet circle of Moms who have lost a child, knocking them to their knees making Mother’s Day so bittersweet.

I love you for your strength, courage and grace you show us every day as you unwaveringly get out of bed, love your children on earth and the ones with a Heavenly seat.

A very special toast to…

The woman who gave me life, who let me fail, who celebrated my triumphs – call her JJ, Mom or JAD

I would never be the woman I am today without you… See? I didn’t turn out too bad!?!?!

And my final toast, SHE friends, I am making to myself selfishly

Because when I look into the eyes of the most beautiful two reasons why I have the title of “Mom,” the image I see is a better version of ME.

Happy Mother’s Day!