So Much Noise In My Head…It’s Time to Play “Keep or Throw”

Not sure if you noticed or not, but I failed to get a blog post out last Sunday. I assure you, it was not for a lack of material from the week’s activities. Actually, it was too much material.

So last Sunday morning, after spending a long weekend being inspired by stylish entrepreneur, India Hicks (did you see her on The Story of Diana?), while rubbing elbows and sharing ideas with some of the most fashionable, savvy and fun businesswomen I have ever met, I left Palm Beach excited and full of energy. As my dear friend and I were on the flight home Sunday mid-morning, I shared with her that I was not going to write a blog for the week. She asked me why and I simply stated, “I have nothing to write about.” At that, she laughed, “Are you kidding? You just came from a long weekend filled with nothing BUT inspiration.” She was right, but exhaustingly I replied, “There is too much in my head. So much noise, so many ideas, and such big plans – I just need to sort it all out. Lots of noise in my head.” THAT, she could relate to.

What did I do when I arrived home?

Loved on my husband and puppies a bit, then sought out some quiet. 24 hours of it. Then, on Monday morning, I meditated in the early morning quiet, took pen to paper and started to sort out all that noise.

I know, I know. You are thinking, “But Darlene, noise has a negative connotation. I thought your head was filled with inspiration, ideas and plans. That’s not noise.”

Au contraire, my SHE friends.

Truth is, every day we are surrounded by good noise and bad noise.

The cries of a newborn baby. The squeals of “yes” when a woman is asked for her hand in marriage. Loud music turned up in our car when our favorite song comes on the radio. Noise – all good noise.

On the flip side, there is the hateful bashing that occurs on social media, where people hide behind their computers. Or how about the sound of lies told by those we trust. But the worse noise of them all? The voice in our heads telling us, “you can’t, you’re not good enough, you’ll never succeed, you’re not enough.” Noise – the worst kind of noise. Destructive noise.

So, this week I have played a bit of the game, “Keep or Throw.”

What? You’ve never heard of it?

My kids will tell you, we played it every year, just before birthdays and Christmas, in preparation for the loot they hoped to collect during said holidays. I’d say, “it’s time to play Keep or Throw,” hand them a large trash bag (they would fill them with gently used clothing and toys to donate to a family shelter), then they would roll their eyes and retire to their rooms. You see, one of the rules was that they couldn’t come out until they had completed the game.

Why is this story significant? Because this past week, I decided to play my own personal game of “Keep or Throw.” The “room” I was cleaning was that precious space between my ears.

Yep, I threw out the “you can’t” and “you’re not good enough” and “you’ll never be successful.” Then I sorted out the short-term ideas, the long-term plans and the wealth of inspirational messages that filled the space. And by Friday, I was on FIRE with energy, a clean slate and a plan. Sprinkle in the support of those closest to me and the world truly is my oyster. So far, so good.

What is the noise in YOUR head? Are you ready to play “Keep or Throw? “ There’s no time like the present!


Note from the SHE Files: Sometimes you just gotta play “Keep or Throw”

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6 years ago

This is such a relevant post for me right now, Darlene! That is exactly the exercise I need to complete this week before my kids go back to school and the chaos begins! Thank you!

Joyce Schaer
Joyce Schaer
6 years ago

Thank you Darlene – this week’s blog had a particular impact and I appreciate all you do to share your inspiration with us all. Joyce