As the Storms Move In, We Should ALL Adjust Our Sails – Permanently

As I sit here writing this week, I am shaken by the tragedy that has presented itself in our world. In just 2 weeks’ time, I have watched two dear friends bury a parent, I have donated diapers and a bit of money to the Hurricane Harvey Relief efforts after the vicious hit on Houston, the 9/11 tributes have filled the sound waves in memory of the most egregious terrorist attack on U.S. soil and my television is currently relaying images of yet another epic storm moving over Florida and its surrounding islands.

A multitude of different tragedies, yet a common human response felt across the nation. Support. Love. Prayers. Kindness.

For a few days, maybe a week or even a month.

Human nature is drawn towards tragedy, where we empathize, we rally support, we hug more and we find ourselves, for just a short bit of time, all on the same team. The team of kindness. No political divides, no racial divides, no antagonism fueling divides.

Just kindness.

And then we move on. After the shock & awe of the tragedy itself, we move on.

We go back to our “normal lives,” until the next tragedy arises.

But imagine a world where our human instinct did not require a dire situation in order for us to find that unconditional kindness.

SHE friends, as we continue to move about our day, our week, our month and we send our love, our thoughts, our prayers to those that are hurting, let US, the amazing SHE women, set the example.

Let’s choose KIND. Let’s spread KINDNESS. Let’s live as if KINDNESS is all we know.

As the storms of life surge, let’s adjust our sails to kindness…permanently.

Note from the SHE Files:

Kindness should not be a temporary reaction but, rather, a way of life.



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