Update on the New Year’s Resolution: The Conscious Choice to Be Present

Holy cow, it’s almost FEBRUARY! How is your New Year’s Resolution coming along?

At Christmas, my sweet daughter gave me a beautiful, simple gold bracelet with the words, “Be Present” etched on it. I was delighted, as I had just outlined (but not yet published) my first E of SHE post of 2018, Revelations of a Bad Mom…Apparently I Had It All Wrong blog post.

The theme? Be Present.

So between me choosing that as my NY resolution and the gift, it seemed the universe just might be telling me I was on the right path. Now, almost one month into 2018, it’s time to do a self-evaluation and make adjustments. Much like Eckhart Tolle’s The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment (my go to book when my soul is troubled or I feel overwhelmed), I am actively choosing to Be Present – with myself, with those around me in any given moment, with those experiences that cross my path daily.

Sometimes, SHE friends, I find it is quite easy to Be Present. When things are going our way, when we are in celebration mode or when we are exactly where we want to be. What do we want to do? Be Present.

But, in many circumstances, “fight or flight” takes wing, and this resolution becomes quite the challenge. You see, being truly present is not an action item; to me, it’s a state of mind & body.

When I had a panic that just maybe I had taken on too much in 2018, I looked down at my right wrist and was reminded to Be Present.

When a client was frustrated and needed some extra attention and explanation, even though I had a stack of work on my desk and another appointment to get to?

I looked down and was reminded to Be Present.

When I was invited to 4 different events I really “should” attend for business purposes on the weekend, but my husband just wanted to “hang out with me?”

You guessed it…my NY resolution took hold and I chose to Be Present with him.

When my son texts me from Boston to see if I want to FaceTime for a while? You can BET that I was ready and willing to drop everything and Be Present.

Most importantly, when I am alone in my most quiet space, with gratitude for whatever each moment brings me, Be Present. No running away, no striking out with aggressive words…just gratitude in the present moment.

So, you can see, that while I loved the many joys of the holiday season, this precious little “present” from my daughter might be the most impactful. I am here, present. In every situation and conversation, present. In the busy and chaotic times, present.

SHE friends, Be Present. It’s a game changer.


Note from the SHE Files: Be Present from the inside, out