When Life Offers Mulligans: Have You Used Yours Yet?

No, I don’t play golf. But I have been the Chair and volunteer of a few golf tournaments in my day, which is where I first encountered this interesting term and concept. A mulligan. A do-over. Or, to be more exact:



A mulligan is a second chance to perform an action, usually after the first chance went wrong through bad luck or a blunder

Actually, “mulligans” came up in a conversation with an old college friend a few weeks ago. We were talking about our little group of friends that spent a lot of time together, from the moment we all met our Freshman year. We had all continued to be close after college, double or triple dated in our early 20’s and attended each other’s weddings. But each of us had also experienced a painful end to our first marriages and we toasted now being married to our respective spouses – the people we felt we were always meant to end up with. His toast? “To mulligans in life.” I loved that.

It got me thinking about other mulligans in my life thus far. I remember working one particular golf tournament and needing to make a “game time decision” about how many mulligans we would allow each golfer. I asked several experienced golfers in attendance, “what is typical in terms of number of mulligans allowed?” I got back a whole host of different answers, but one stuck with me. “You need to be careful how many mulligans you allow in the game. If you allow too many, the game will take forever and the mulligans will lose value.” Hmmm. So, I decided to charge a pretty decent amount for each mulligan and limited golfers for that day’s tournament to two mulligans apiece. Yes, just two.

SHE friends, our lives are like that game of golf. Every day is different, some good and some not so good, and sometimes we just need a do-over. But we must be ever so careful as to when and how we use our mulligans, as they are precious and we don’t get a whole lot of them.

I feel very blessed that my game of life came with more than a mulligan or two. Yes, upon reflection, I did pay a high price for some of them, but the rewards reaped (so far) have exceeded expectations. My game is not quite over, but age and experience has helped me to play a bit wiser on the course. And thus far, the return on investment from using my mulligans has paid me exponentially in happiness and blessings.

When have you used a mulligan? What did it cost you (in life experiences, of course)? Was it worth the price you paid? I sure hope so.

So here is my toast, SHE friends across the country: “Here’s to you and here’s to life’s mulligans!”


Note from the SHE files: Life sometimes comes with mulligans…use them wisely.