What’s Your WHY?

About 2 weeks ago, our India Hicks Senior Director, Lyssa, asked us all to respond to a simple question, “What’s your WHY” when it comes to starting our own India Hicks business this year? I didn’t really give it much thought before responding on Facebook because I was very clear on my reasons for joining the business and, besides, she was going to put all those who responded into a drawing for a brand new Carmen Clutch in our choice of color! So off my busy fingers typed about my WHY. Long story short, this was a new direct sales company with a very talented and smart namesake and leader, the product was of exceptionally high quality and something I would want to carry/wear on a daily basis. But aside from all of those technical reasons was the WHY that my heart was screaming. My WHY was that I was turning 50 this year and wanted to do something that, yes, was an opportunity to earn some extra money, but that also gave me an opportunity to carry on India’s mantra to “Live in Extraordinary Life” into rooms filled with amazing women and, most simply of all of my reasons…it brought me joy.©brittangoetz-indiahicks-july2015-67

I closed the computer after responding and the only thought I gave of it for the rest of the day was when I was trying to decide which color Carmen Clutch I would be selecting when Lyssa drew my name!

Then a funny and unexpected thing happened…

I opened my computer back up the next evening and a few more of my fellow Ambassadors had shared either a post or video of their own WHY. As I read/watched a few of them, I found myself saying, “Oh, me too!” My WHY kept expanding. Women all over the country, some whose WHY looked like mine (or mine like theirs) and others whose WHY included building this business as a single mom to help support their children or as a fulfillment to their dream to work in a quality direct sales company or the many who joined the tribe to expand their networks of incredible women.

As I fell asleep that night, the very depths of my heart pushed my brain and ability to overthink everything aside and the joy continued to “runneth over.” I loved the team of Ambassadors that had asked to join me on this amazing journey, I loved the new and expanded network of friends this opportunity had brought into my life thus far, I loved that so many of my awesome friends were so willingly and excitedly hosting their girlfriends over to help support me in my “Sip & Shops,” I did love the bigger than expected extra income and opportunity to advance in the company so quickly, I absolutely loved the fact that I was building this business alongside two of my best long-time friends ever.

But wait, there’s more…

I loved that my husband was as excited for me and this opportunity as I was and was incredibly supportive of me adding this to the “balance” equation; I loved that when I talked to my son to check in with him, he often asked me how my new business was going and the admiration he had when I reported that month’s successes so far; I loved that my 19 year old daughter had taken such an active interest in the business that she was going to come home this summer 886843_10154021125113690_5275084931417620016_oand work side-by-side with me on this entrepreneurial endeavor; I loved how I felt about ME.

So, Lyssa, if you are reading this blog, I have a few things to add to my WHY:

My WHY is that I had been “searching for something” without even realizing it. Then, because the Universe brings us what we need when we need it if we are open to it and there are no “coincidences,” my SHE world of Darlene the banker, author, speaker and Women in Business supporter COLLIDED (thanks to my bestie, Michelle) with India Hicks: her story, her journal (her blog posts are awesome!), her mantra and undying support for entrepreneurial women. I excitedly ventured into it — cautiously but not skeptically – and tried something new without fear, without hesitancy and fell in love. No, not just with the new business and all it encompasses: I fell in love with the ME that evolved from this new experience. THAT, my friends, is the source of my joy. I found that everything I had a hand in improved and became more productive (including my banking portfolio) because I was HAPPIER. The more joy I felt and put out into the universe, the more productive I became. That Law of Attraction thing really works!

So here is my challenge to you today, on this beautiful Sunday: SHE-friends, think about what you are actively working on, pursuing, building. Now, answer this question: What is your WHY? whyI’d love to hear some of your responses in the comments section, if you’d like to share with our SHE community. I know that I was so inspired by reading other women’s responses on our India Hicks page and you never know how YOUR WHY might be a light for someone else’s search for their WHY.

What is your WHY?


Note from the SHE files: What’s your WHY? Ask your heart to answer, not your head. Write it down…it might just surprise you!