Attitude: What are YOUR Super Powers?

When I was a kid, I remember watching a show about “Super Friends” and was especially drawn to the Wonder Twins. These two kids, born on a distant planet and brought to our world, when they touched each other’s hands wearing special rings, morphed into kids with amazing super powers. I would watch and then imagine what super powers I would want if that was a part of my makeup.  From the ability to be invisible to the ability to fly (and lots more in between), my imagination would run wild with ideas.

Today, there is no shortage of stories about Superheroes – from Marvel Comics to DC Comics, we have seen the likes of many of our childhood superheroes on paper become life-sized in the theatres.  All seemed to have a supernatural aspect to their family origins and some of their super powers have truly been “out of this world.” I guarantee you, most of you reading this are taking a moment to remember your favorite Superhero and trying to also remember what THEIR super powers were.

So where am I going with this?

A good friend of mine lost her husband and her beautiful daughters’ father in recent weeks, and as a friend who happens to have a pretty decent business mind and is a banker, I offered my assistance in those areas.  I knew, as they moved through the trauma of a sudden loss, that they were all appreciative. There were lots of “thank you’s” and hugs flying, but in my mind, it was simply what I had to offer.  I was not the person to organize a meal train, nor would I likely be making any homemade casseroles. But helping walk them thru some business decisions or simply holding her hand as she now moved into primary financial role for her family? That was a no-brainer. I could do that.

But then, in the days following her services, several friends commented how she made a point to mention those things that came so naturally to me that I had done with her during that first week. I smiled, and my standard response was along the lines of, “It is what friends do. I’ve been thru trauma and friends surrounded me to offer what their ‘specialties’ were to help me and the kids thru.  I’m doing what anyone would do for someone they care about.  My offering just happens to be in business/banking.”

Earlier today, my son called me to talk thru an online interview he was working on.  As we talked thru the various questions, I did not tell him how to respond but, rather, helped clear his vision to see a variety of responses/options for each. That way, he could “own” each response as his own.  He was tremendously grateful and, when I mentioned that eventually I’ve considered moving into a Personal/Professional Coaching arena, especially for those in the midst of transitions, he kindly said he’d be my first testimonial and that my “advisor hat” had really been of great assistance to him.  I smiled, and simply said, “It’s what comes naturally to me. You won’t get a lot of homecooked meals from scratch from me and if someone wants fashion advice, I am definitely not their girl.  But, the combination of my corporate experience, mentoring young people in business and, of course, my practice of Psychology for so many years before this all just simply give me the tools. And I like to share my tools.”

Have you figured out my message yet?

SHE friends, we all have gifts, talents, experiences, wisdoms and experiential data in our toolbox. However, like the thumbprint I use to open my iPhone, no two toolboxes are alike.

My toolbox includes lessons learned in parenting, a failed marriage and a successful one, a traumatic family experience that is so bizarre that it belongs in a Danielle Steele novel, mentoring experience with young people and with professional women, yoga and self-introspection, a fantastic early career as a licensed practicing Psychology Associate/Diagnostician/Counselor, an author,  a professional/motivational speaker, a banker, a philanthropist turned Development Consultant and a leader.  By the way, there is a list equally long (actually, probably longer) of those experiences and “hats” that are NOT in my toolbox!

But that toolbox, my friends, is my skill set.  Of course, if I choose to never share it, the skills do no good for me or for others. The willingness and choice to SHARE that skill set with those needing it most…THAT is my Super Power. And that is where the attitude comes in. Your skills or what you bring to the table – that is only half the formula.  Taking an attitude of sharing with others with a smile on your face in an effort to be a part of a positive outcome – that is your Super Power!

What are your skill sets? What do you have to share? How open and willing are you to share without even having to think about it?  Yep, you’ve tapped into your Super Power!


Notes from the SHE Files: Your willingness and choice to SHARE the skills in your toolbox: THAT is your Super Power!