The Truth About Balance…MY truth may surprise you!

The inspiration for this week’s post all came about in my yoga class last Sunday, when about halfway thru the 75 minute practice, our graceful instructor began to guide us thru a series of balance postures. That particular morning, I yoga-pose-tree-pose-5396-1was feeling strong, both physically and emotionally, so I looked forward to this challenge. The flow of postures began with Tree Pose and, as we took root, she led us thru our options and modifications. We flowed and breathed thru Tree Pose (Vrksasana), a Side Bending Tree Pose and into Lord of the Dance Pose (Natarajasana) and then, that sweet voice of guidance suggested, “Now close your eyes, or not.” I love a good challenge so, as you can imagine, I closed my eyes…and on the exhale I fell out of balance. Dang it.BEACH_dancers_pose_grande

Then it hit me – isn’t this EXACTLY what is happening in my life right now ???

When I began working in the corporate world 10 years ago, the concept of “Work/Life Balance” was really taking shape in conference discussions, the media, and the workplace. Everything I was hearing seemed to suggest that the goal in this “balance” concept was that we were all like an equal arm beam balance scale, and our work vs. “rest of your life” balance goals were 50-50. I bought into it hook, line & sinker. Needless to say, I spent most of my days in a disappointed disequilibrium. But you would never know, because I smiled thru it, forged ahead, told everyone that everything was okay, and ended most days disappointed that, somehow, I had still not reached that “50-50 balance” ideal.

But, SHE-friends, here is my reality check: If you are truly living life as it was meant to be lived, you will almost always be giving more in one area than another, then upon that realization, make adjustments to schedules or patterns or self-out-of-balanceinduced insecurities. You will find yourself way out of balance to make that deadline, take care of your ailing parent, be a good partner to your significant other, cook dinner for you children or bake cupcakes for their classroom holiday party, get to yoga class – and THAT IS OKAY. It is, truly, the realization that it is okay to occasionally get “out of balance” that is the very essence of what Life Balance really is.

Some weeks I am only home one evening to cook dinner and spend time with my husband; but other weeks find me home 3 or 4 nights. Some days I leave my office after 9 or 10 hours and am baffled that I could not “get everything done”; some days I have a quiet hour or two just to plan my next steps. Some days I am “queen of the mountain”; there are plenty of days when I am in the valley of that mountain wondering when in the heck am I going to have a little “me time?” And ALL OF THE TIME I need to give myself permission to have these “SOME TIMES.” That, my wonderful SHE-friends, is my reality about balance. At the end of the day, on my little slice of yoga mat heaven, my reality is that some days I am just out of balance; but some days, my Lord of the Dance pose is tall and strong and stunning. I keep moving forward, I keep trying, I keep living because BOTH of those days are a part of my Life Balance.

When do you find yourself most “out of balance?” Are you out of balance right now? What have you done/can you do to make some subtle adjustments that bring you a bit more emotional/physical strength, confidence, energy? Post your ideas/comments for our SHE-community. Let’s talk about it…73066_life-is-like-a-bike1


Note from the SHE files: Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving                                 –Albert Einstein