Are You a #Fearless SHE?

This last week was a fun one in my “side business.” India Hicks launched her Holiday Collection 2016 and, while it is all pretty fabulous and I’d love to have one of everything, one little item struck a chord in me. It was one of her Indi Tokens – a necklace/bracelet token the size of a British Pound coin – that simply said “Fearless.”   I knew immediately fearless-woman-yoga-mantra-1024x683that I HAD to have it, because it was a summary of what I aspired to be in life. I wanted to join the ranks of #Fearless women like Amelia Earhart, Rosa Parks or Milala Yousafzai…standing up, being brave and making their mark on society.

And that got me to thinking…when had #Fearless STOPPED being a part of my DNA? When did being #Fearless stop being a way of life and become an aspiration?

I was once the #Fearless little girl on the playground merry go round (remember those?) yelling, “Faster! Faster!”

I was once the #Fearless teen who tried out again for the high school musical after being told I was “not musical material,” only to take the lead my Senior year.

Then I got married, had kids and found myself in the midst of a darkness that was set off by the unthinkable. I was filled with fear of, well, everything.

Somewhere, though, in the depths of my soul I began to conquer the fear. I often found comfort in the new perspective of, “there is always something worse.” I found myself teaching my young children the same perspective. And then, one day, I found a little piece of #Fearless in the depths of my soul, I stood back up, I brushed myself off and I re-emerged back into life. I found my voice. I found my #Fearless.

Oh, don’t get me wrong, that was 11 years ago and I am still a work in progress. But, as my wonderful husband of 9 years constantly reminds me, “living in fear is not living at all.” I used to keep an Eleanor Roosevelt quote by my bed sofearless that I would be reminded to “Do that thing you think you cannot do.” For me, years ago, it was pushing past the shame and humiliation I felt in the weeks & months after our tragedy to openly share our story so others might learn/benefit. For me, it was being able to trust someone enough to love again. For me, it was raising two young children on my own for a time.  For me, it was starting a new career in banking. For me, it was learning to be married with unconditional love and trust. For me, it was starting a new business in my 50th year. For me, it was the courage to admit when I am wrong or that I have lots yet to learn.

You see, SHE-friends, being #Fearless has nothing necessarily to do with changing the world, setting world records or being on the front page of the newspaper.

Being #Fearless is about getting up each morning and asking yourself, before your feet hit the floor, “what will I do today that I fear?”

For some of you, #Fearless is going to your next chemo treatment because cancer sucks, but you have a resolve to fight and live.

For some of you, #Fearless is finding a way to get out of bed each day and learning to live the next phase of your life on this earth after the tragic loss of your child.

For some of you, #Fearless is starting that new entrepreneurial endeavor, knowing that there are no guarantees.

For some of you, #Fearless is jumping into your “next chapter” after a divorce, loss of a spouse or other life-changing milestone.

For some of you, #Fearless is taking on that “bucket list” challenge to run a marathon, be an Ironman Triathlete, climb a mountain, ski down a Black Diamond slope or, like me, just be unafraid to “clip in” when riding my bicycle!

Being #Fearless is a perspective. Being #Fearless is an attitude.

Your #Fearless SHE lives inside of you – you never lost her, but you might be challenged every day to find her.

ballchain-redI bought my India Hicks “Fearless” token and look forward to wearing it proudly when it arrives. I plan on buying one for my daughter, Alexa, as she navigates her SHE-life with all of the hopes and dreams of a 20-year-old SHE.

But we won’t be wearing our tokens because we ASPIRE to be #Fearless.

I will wear my token as a daily reminder that I AM a #Fearless SHE. Are you?



Notes from the SHE Files: I am a #Fearless SHE