Are YOU a Happy Chewbacca?

As you know by now, I tend to try not to think too hard about “what I should write about” each week, but rather, I let life happen and try to stay in tune to those happenings around me. But my eyes were not opened to this week’s inspiration until the 11th hour! I recanted in my head some of my appointments of the week, some of the conversations and the same conversation and discovery kept replaying. On Thursday morning, my husband coordinated a breakfast meeting with his friend from Nebraska, former football player Ricky C. Simmons and, boy, was I inspired! Ricky has had a IMG_3249tough road due to poor choices when he was younger and is using the consequences of those choices to take the world by storm and make a significant difference in the battle against substance abuse. You should check out his regular Facebook Friday “Time to Get Your Jam On”– Ricky is all about positivity and his perspective and message is a great reminder to us all!

So what the heck does this have to do with Chewbacca???

Later that same day and in the two days that followed, I did my brief Facebook scroll and troll and, every time, scrolled right thru a video of what appeared to be a split-second Chewbacca face, replaced by a young Mom. Finally, on Saturday when I had a lot more time to play on social media, I actually clicked on this video. I listened, I watched, I chuckled and then I laughed. I laughed hard. How could something so simple lead to so much laughter and joy, all in a three and a half minute video of, well, nothing really. That is when it hit me…I want to be a happy Chewbacca!Chewbacca

I want to have cleared vision to see the world as it is.

I want to have a true appreciation for the everyday experiences we often overlook.

I want to laugh so hard my sides hurt.

I want to remember not to “sweat the small stuff.”

I want to stay positive in all I say and do.

I want to pay it forward.

I want to be a happy Chewbacca, just like that fun Mom in the video!

What is that experience, that thing you do regularly, that you don’t pay attention to that could be the very thing that makes you smile, makes you laugh, brings you joy?

When is the last time you actually belly-laughed?


Note from the SHE files: Happy isn’t complicated: be a happy Chewbacca!

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Sherry K Campbell
4 years ago

I too look forward to your posts each week! It is about the simple joys and staying connected with the people in your life that makes a difference. Thank you!

Joyce Schaer
Joyce Schaer
4 years ago

Darlene, First, I wanted to say how much I look forward to your posts each week and always find special meaning in all of them so thank you. I’m not sure if you saw the “happy Chewbacca mom” on GMA today. She had such a great message for everyone about happiness especially in these times where we observe so many negative things in our world. Apparently, she’s also from the Dallas-area too! Thanks for all you do!