Coming Home…Because That’s Where It All Is!

“Hi, Mom. I’m coming home next weekend.” Ahhh. Music to a Mom’s ears. The notion of them “coming home” naturally brings a smile to my face. To my kids, “coming home” means feeling the comforts of sleeping in your childhood room, having someone else (that’s me!) cook and grocery shop for you, albeit only for a weekend, and stepping back from the studying, partying ways of a college kid. Home is a safe place where they are loved unconditionally and a place where they rest and rejuvenate.53925-Home-Is-Where-The-Heart-Is

Last week, a dear friend from the neighborhood asked if he could treat me to breakfast. After catching up a bit, he told me about this wonderful leadership program he was participating in. One of their “assignments” was to meet with a few community leaders and ask them a few questions. I was tickled that he put me in the “community leader” category and was more than happy to answer his thought-provoking questions. The key was, he instructed me to not “think” about how to answer but, rather, to answer with whatever came to mind first. Ha, that could be dangerous!

I played along and then, the last question was, “What motivates you, Darlene?” Friends, without a thought, I responded and I think I was as surprised as he was with my quick answer. “Happiness,” I replied. WHAT? How can someone be motivated by happiness? Don’t we get motivated by those extrinsic things outside of us in order to achieve a goal that, in turn, results in happiness? Hmmmm. As we went our separate ways to work that day, I could not shake the desire to spend more time with myself and the answer to the question, “What motivates me?”

So, I went for a walk after work and did just that – I spent a little time with me. Why hadn’t I said a paycheck or my competitive nature to meet goals or even Thin Mints Girl Scout Cookies?!?!

The answer was inside of me. My “home base.” My safe place. Home.

So often we look outside of ourselves: to find peace, to find motivation, to find love, to find answers. But, what if the answer is nestled deep inside of us? Beyond my external and internal chaos and noise, beyond my deepest fears and self-doubt is HOME. Your home – a home like no other. It is your safe place where you find unconditional love and a place to rest and rejuvenate.sunset-300x198

So as you read this Sunday message and plan your week ahead, maybe schedule in a bit of “home-time” for yourself. Time each day that is truly about you and you are spending time with only you, no distractions.

When I come “home” to me, I find happiness. It isn’t always this way but when my home is not safe and quiet, it is reflected in my work, my relationships and my approach in this life. That’s when I take a walk without headphones or take to the yoga mat or even sit quietly in the middle of my bed and meditate. I just spend some time in my SHE home. The home of me. I come home and that, my friends, is my happiness that drives and motivates me. When I tap into that, I am rested, motivated, rejuvenated. Home.

What will you do this week to spend some time in your SHE-home?

Note from the SHE files: Your SHE-home is where you rest, rejuvenate and the source of your happiness. Visit her often.