“In My 50th Year…”

50 years

Happy New Year! As I sit here writing, black-eyed peas stewing, it is hard for me to contain my excitement for 2016. You see, today marks the beginning of the year in which I will turn 50 years old. Some of my friends who have hit this marker a bit ahead of me have opted to train for and run a marathon or do a complete hair/fitness makeover or even try a new job. Well, in my 50th year I am making plans and those plans include striking off a few things from my bucket list.

I’ve been thinking a lot about what this year might bring and then had a sudden “aha” moment a few weeks ago. Why am I sitting around WAITING for what the New Year might bring? What if I go out and SEEK & FIND what I want for my 2016?

In recent years, I have not been a big “New Year’s Resolution” girl as I tended to view it as a lay up for potential failure. (I just caught myself chuckling at that one!)

Any significant year – whether it is a big birthday year or the year after a major loss or really tough year emotionally, physically or in our relationships – is like a sliding glass door at the grocery store. If I stand at the door just right and shift my steps, I can make the door open and close, open and close… Kind of reminds me of the song, “Should I stay or should I go?” by The Clash (if you are under 40, you might need to look that one up J) Bottom line: we can choose to stay where we are safe in what we know, even if it is unhealthy for us OR we can venture through those sliding doors, not sure of what we will find, what awaits us, who we will meet, if it will be a good experience or a bad one.

So, in my 50th year, I am choosing to go through those sliding glass doors and try a few new things:

In my 50th year, I will learn to be a bit more social media savvy and really focus on utilizing these avenues to stay in touch or reconnect with old & new friends and colleagues.

In my 50th year, I will tap back into my entrepreneurial self and begin my business as a rep and ambassador for the India Hicks Lifestyle Brand. I have thoroughly researched this new company, with an amazing woman at its helm (India Hicks), that brings together the feminine in women and the power in women, with a touch of adventure in women, to result in a line of lifestyle products I am so excited to share! IndiaHicks.com/rep/darleneellison

In my 50th year, I will answer the burning question that so many have asked after the multitude of Keynote and Training Presentations I have made across the country and in national media in regards to my autobiographical book, The Predator Next Door, – “Darlene, so what has happened since that story? What happened next???” I pondered a book and realized that I had a blog in me instead. So welcome to Evolution of SHE… evolutionofshe.darleneellison.com   Let’s explore ourselves, our experiences and reaction to those experiences and let’s run through those sliding glass doors into 2016 together.

Happy New Year, my friends! It’s going to be a wild ride so be sure to jump on board!

Note from the SHE Files:

When we face the sliding glass doors, we have a choice: stay in what is comfortable (and possibly stale or unhealthy) or move forward thru the doors into what is an unknown new beginning. I am RUNNING through those doors, will you join me?

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5 years ago

I bet you’re going to love being 50! Thank you for sharing your exciting adventure and your wisdom with us.