Keep Your Eyes on the Prize: Wait, What IS My Prize?

I am dreading tomorrow. Not because it is Monday. I am dreading tomorrow because it is the day of the first political debate with the two “last candidates standing.” Please don’t delete – this is NOT a political post. You all know me too well to know that IS NOT MY GAME. I am dreading the media lead up to which candidate will hurl the first insult, who will be sitting directly behind the candidates in full view of the cameras, etc. But mostly, I am dreading what will happen to friendships and families as our divide becomes wider and, quite honestly, MEANER as a result of this debate and this election. Thank you social media.

So, in the midst of this now-week-long dread I have been experiencing, I came across the list of “As I Get Older I img_3679Realize…” that is featured on this week’s post. I laughed, I felt affirmed (especially by #10 about “Getting Lucky”) and I realized…my personal “Now” has nothing to do with elections, insults or who is kneeling during an NFL game. I am not diminishing an election or a stand for what one believes. It’s just that these topics and so much more is continuing to be the “great divide of 2016,” mostly because so many “watching from the sidelines” treat some of the most important issues of our time as a football game: pick a side, spew insults to the other side, impose your opinions as the “only right opinion” on every penalty call – you get my drift.

The thing is, life – my life, your life and the lives of so many – is not a football game.

As I sat in the stands of last night’s Texas A&M game (I can hear your collective “Whoop” now!), I found myself standing a lot (of course), clutching my hands and quietly speaking to the A&M players, as if they could hear me, “You’ve got this – keep your eyes on the prize!” That is when it hit me: today’s blog post!

The Texas A&M “prize” was winning that game, one play at a time.

fullsizerenderWhat is my prize?

One of them was standing right next to me, cheering on the Aggies.

Amidst the noise that today’s world provides to us, my prizes are multiple and include being healthy, being a part of a loving family, nourishing my faith, honoring my respect of others, living life on purpose and, most importantly, being able to laugh at myself (yep, go back and read #10 again on that list).


My prize includes a loving husband, two amazing children, an extended family that is healthy and nearby;

My prize is the opportunity to cherish old friendships and build new friendships;

My prize is the love and respect I feel in my heart, daily, for others – those I know and those I have yet to know;

My prize is the ability to stay “in the Now” – MY personal “Now” in order to reach each of the aforementioned prizes – daily.

So, tomorrow I will be out to dinner with friends during the debate. I will most likely keep my social media posts focused on the positive things in life, even on a Monday. Tomorrow, I will “keep my eye on my prizes” – all of them. eyesAnd I will be thankful.

SHE friends, you are one of those prizes to me, and I am counting my blessings to know you, share with you, listen to you and be your friend.

Stay positive, stay focused, stay kind, stay hopeful. Keep your eyes on YOUR prize.


Note from the SHE Files: Keep Your Eyes On the Prize