A Little Nugget of Wisdom with a Big Life Lesson

After my last chiropractic treatment, I commented to Dr. Chuck that while I was amazed that the shooting “pain in the neck” had left so quickly, I still had a bit of stiffness and a low-grade “ache in the neck.” But, I acknowledged that I knew this healing thing was a process and set my next appointment. Then, without giving it much thought, these words begin-where-you-arecame from Dr. Chuck:

“Begin where you are and not where you want to be.”

Quick translation? It takes a series of baby steps to get the desired end result. Of course, as I drove back to my office, his words marinated inside of me and I realized that these words were the foundation to so much more than my “pain in the neck.”

These words were the foundation of, well, just about everything in my life.

And then, just like that, BOOM! I had my next blog post.

To my “moms of young children” SHE friends: I know you are tired and many times frustrated by the challenges that being a Mom to young children can be. It’s so easy to wish they were just ____ years older, when everything would be easier. I’m here to tell you, “Begin where you are and not where you want to be,” because at the end of those wishes they are away at college or even graduated and living in another city.

To my entrepreneurial, Women in Business SHE friends: Some days are thrilling and exciting, but most days in taking on a new endeavor are challenging, exhausting, frustrating and will make you wonder if you should just quit? No! Go back to “What Is My Why” and “Make some Minor Adjustments.” You will find that when you “begin where you are and not where you want to be,” in no time at all, you will be achieving those goals.

To my SHE friends that smile on the outside, but are hurting on the inside for their respective losses, take a deep breath. I know it hurts right now, but healing is about being with your pain, then moving thru your pain, knowing that there is no timeline on healing. Kicking pain under the carpet, pretending like it never happened, holding the darkness deep inside without cleansing the soul is not the solution. Find that quietest place inside of you and “begin where you are and not where you want to be.” Those who truly love and support you will be there with you thru it all.

To my children, and any of my other millennial friends who just so happen to read this blog post – don’t rush thru this time in your life. The rush to make money quickly, the rush to find your forever person, the rush to find the “perfect job.” Take a moment to take stock of who you are, who you truly are, and then enjoy this ride called life. When you move-forward“begin where you are and not where you want to be” you will find that you make better decisions that reap a more rewarding “where you want to be” when you get there.

My point?

At 50 years old and still learning, still growing, still searching I can confidently tell you, SHE friends, the joy is in the journey.

Take stock of where you are NOW. Be mindful of where you would like to eventually be. Fully acknowledge that life happens in a series of stepping-stones – some are awesome and some hurt like hell. “Begin where you are and not where you want to be.” Baby steps.


Note from the SHE Files: Joy is in the journey