Living A Good Life: A Series of Minor Adjustments


As most of my SHE friends know, I am an avid yogi (although a pinched nerve in my neck this week has really been a warrior-2-sunsetreal, well, pain in the neck!). I have two favorite poses: Warrior II and Half Moon. In each pose, there is an element of grounding the feet and then pulling the energy from the earth upward into the pose. And then, as I focus on the breath, I begin to make minor adjustments. These are teeny, tiny shifts in various parts of my body, slowly and steadily, to turn a heavy pose into something much lighter. To turn a struggle into something so strong, balanced and aligned.

Given this sudden pain in the neck thing this week, I have found myself on my good friend’s chiropractic table several times in the last few days. My goal is to be free of my pain quickly. He smiles and reminds me that each treatment is a minor shift, and the sum of the multiple visits will be a shift from the pain, back into alignment. For me that means back to my yoga and very active lifestyle.

But, as I had more than enough time this week to be still and ponder what all of these tiny adjustments meant for me on a broader scale, I had a really nice “aha” moment…

Our lives, if lived with an ultimate goal of balance, alignment and joy, are merely a series of adjustments towards these goals.

I don’t know about you, but pretty much NONE of the people, professions, passions in my life today were part of my original “life plan” when I was 22. None. For every season and every curveball, I had to make a series of adjustments – minor adjustments – to make the bigger decisions and choices that would become the fabric of my life today,

Yoga poses shouldn’t hurt. Yes, some are more uncomfortable than others, but as we progress in our practice, we make those minor adjustments to gain the most benefit from every pose. If it hurts, we back off. But if it is merely uncomfortable, we breathe and adjust.adjusted-her-sails

Life shouldn’t hurt. Yes, some decisions we make are uncomfortable. Especially when you leave your comfort zone and move into that uncomfortable arena. But if you sit in that discomfort, just for a little while, and begin to make minor adjustments, while breathing thru it all, you find balance, alignment, joy. It could be a behavioral adjustment, a physical adjustment, a social adjustment or an attitude adjustment. When you make it, what are you likely to find?

You find YOU.

In every difficult season of my life, I have relied heavily upon my yoga breath, my faith, my belief in staying in the uncomfortable situation and making minor adjustments inside of that discomfort to find my “what’s next.”

As India Hicks often tells us, “this is not a sprint, it’s a marathon.” And as my amazing husband reminded me, just last night as I lamented over a minor setback in my business, “Some will, some won’t, so what, next.” I’m making some minor adjustments and moving onward and upward.

How about you? In your difficult, confusing or uncomfortable times, do you take the easy way out and quit? Do you make a drastic, huge decision in an effort to escape this difficult place you are in? Could you take a few more days, weeks or even months in this discomfort to make minor adjustments that would help you move through the situation with growth and self-awareness to a place you are truly meant to be?

It’s time to find out, SHE friends.


Note from the SHE files: Stay calm and make an adjustment



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