Out of the Mouths of Babes: We Can Learn a Few Things from the Millennials

I was having a great conversation with my 22-year-old son, Austin, this past Thursday. We talked about his week, his job, his social life (that was pretty short- he tells me nothing!). Then I began to share a bit about my week, trying to recover from this wicked sinus infection, moving his sister back to A&M for her junior year and even a bit about my new business’ successes this past month.   I rambled on a bit about my “aha” moment in deciding that my new endeavor was a BUSINESS and not a hobby, my strategies and then, in true Darlene style, I questioned if I could be successful.

I told Austin about the successes of some of the other women in my business and shared with him what I was hoping to accomplish – secretly wondering if my passion for the direction of my new business and hard work would be enough.

IMG_3115We switched gears, talked a little college football, got a few Fantasy Football tips and asked him if he was getting enough sleep (I am SUCH a Mom). His response?

“Every morning you have a choice: continue to sleep with your dreams or wake up and chase them.” Wait, WHAT? Did those words of wisdom just come from my KID?

As we continued to banter back and forth about who had first said that (I still haven’t nailed that down) and what it meant to him in his drive for success, I realized – I have a lot to learn from this kid. He is steady, he is even, yes he is still young and a rookie but, most importantly, he believes in himself and his future.

Here’s the thing: I think that if you spend some time with some of these millennials, you might see what I have seen, both in my own children and in my many interns. I recently commented to my Mom about how impressed I was with my daughter, Alexa, and her sudden laser-focus on school, organization and work ethic for success. IMG_1493Mom simply said, “It’s because she now knows what she wants.” Huh. Another “aha” moment.

I thought about one of my former interns, Isabelle, I remembered how, upon our first day together, she expressed that she wasn’t quite sure what her “What’s Next” was as she entered her senior year of college. Today, a few years later, Isabelle has switched gears completely from her original “plan” – she is following her passion, her talent and her dreams. She is wide awake and chasing those dreams down!

So what’s my point, SHE friends?

IMG_2846I have nurtured, mentored and advised a lot of millennials, including my own children, over the past several years, but somewhere along the way, I might have lost sight of the lessons THEY teach ME. So, SHE friends, today I am leaving you with these words of wisdom…not my own, but out of the mouths of babes:

“Chill” – yep, don’t sweat the little things

“Ask lots of questions” – no matter how old or wise, we should always be IMG_3616in a state of learning something new, something fun, something exciting

“Every morning you have a choice: continue to sleep with your dreams or wake up and chase them” – I am wide-awake this morning, far earlier than any millennial I know, and am ready to chase the dream. Are you?

Happy Labor Day Weekend!


Note from the SHE Files: Learning can come from the most surprising people and experiences. Embrace it.