Transformation 2017 Begins…The Power of SHE to Change

So if you took a few minutes to read last week’s blog post, my first of 2017, you might have had some mixed reactions. I know this as I heard from several of you who emailed, texted or saw me in person in the days that followed. One of the most curious of responses to my post was one of concern for my mental health; concern over the paragraph where I openly shared that I sat on my bed and cried and didn’t want to go anywhere. Why would I share such a thing? Well, because it was the truth, it was cleansing (a good cry almost always is) and, most importantly, it was the catalyst to my 2017 “take on life.” No worthwhile transformation comes without a lot of patience, hard work and probably a bit of pain or discomfort mixed in.

But this past week started me on the most fascinating journey…

This past week I spent time “starting anew”—not with a new job or a new volunteer commitment or a new house or a new diet. No, this past week, I began my attitude overhaul. You see, for 50 years I have been on the climb, scrambling to get to the “next thing”- losing a tooth, getting to shave my legs, middle school, graduation from high school, going to college, getting my first post-college job, getting married, having kids…the list goes on and on. But something truly amazing happened in my 51st year and after that good cry, of course.

In much of my first 50 years, my joy in life came from accomplishing things, achieving milestones, hitting certain goals. But what I realize now, in my 51st year, is that the pleasure is in the path. So, I’m going to marinate in all the new opportunities 2016 created, but make some shifts in how I do those things in 2017.

SHE will organize differently and more efficiently, so that actions are meaningful and time is well spent.

SHE will become more aware – aware of what is inside of me, what is my truth.

SHE will embrace the law of attraction and turn off the negativity in my walk and my talk.

As a part of that law of attraction, SHE will steer clear of those that live in glass houses from which they preach (mostly on social media) and judge; SHE chooses to be surrounded by positivity.

SHE will be fearless, yep #fearless, not in the trying new things (I knocked that out in 2016), but in embracing the path I am on and the moments each step will bring.

SHE will smile…not because she has to, but because it is what is truly inside.

Some of the best comments I received after last week’s post were from so many of you that shared a simple sentiment, “me too, Darlene.”

What will your transformation look like? Mine is one that is so much less about the end game or goal or result; my transformation is about the path. In fact, I’m working on my 2017 Playbook. No, I’m not climbing this year. I am working smart, loving big, smiling lots and living out loud. I’m looking forward to sharing bits and pieces of my transformation playbook in the weeks to come.

Join me?


Note from the SHE Files: The Pleasure is in the Path

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5 years ago

I hope I can do the same this year! Enjoy the path, Darlene, and thank you for sharing!