Who Are Your People?

Happy Easter, SHE-friends! This past week’s events, all leading up to a quick and busy weekend really had me thinking a lot about family, friends, neighbors, work family and acquaintances. As I was speaking to several of my new India Hicks Ambassadors, I talked to them about the strategy of “making your list of 100.” That list refers to the 100 women in their family, neighborhood, friendships, work relationships, Facebook friends, old school buddies – anyone who might consider having some girlfriends over to socialize, reacquaint, share stories and shop.

IMG_2975The encouraging sales exercise really got me thinking about how that “list of 100” might apply to all of us, especially in our tougher times.

Both of my kids are home this weekend for only 24 hours to be with Scott and I for Easter. I have not seen our son since January now that he is a “working man,” so the idea of having them both home in their respective childhood rooms, if only for one night, is so exciting. I have texted my son Aggie gametwice already this morning (I’m writing this on Saturday) and he told me I was like “an overbearing girlfriend” and that he would be home soon. That one cracked me up! You see, for one night only, I’ll have my three most important people under one roof. Joy!

But as I reflect upon our last 10+ years or so, I cannot help but think about how my “list of 100” has changed, some expectedly, with the kids no longer in grade school and high school here in Dallas, changes in jobs, creating a new business, remarrying and adding a new set of friendships. Other changes to my “list of 100,” though, were a bit surprising at times. The most surprising shifts in my “list of 100” really came in my darkest months 10+ years ago when my ex was arrested. Some of the people that I viewed to be a part of my inner circle turned out to be the very people that IMG_2974conveniently became busy, did not return my calls and drifted away. And then there were those in my IMG_2977periphery, acquaintances or more distant friends that were the very people to rush towards me and the children in our time of need. I wish I would have had the wherewithal to tell each and every one of them how much they meant to me. To this day, when I see one of them out of the blue, I let them know that I remember them being there for us and how much it helped me and the kids.

Please don’t misunderstand, I’m not in any way saying that each and every one of us has 100 IMG_2976people in our lives ready to stand up with us in tears and in laughter.

Every person we encounter, in person, by phone, via social media—every one of them is potentially one of our people.

So here is this week’s exercise: Think about one of your most joyous moments in the last, say, 10 years. Make your own list of people that were there celebrating the joy with you. Not just the inner circle, but as many people in your world that were there to encourage you, congratulate you, send you a note, be there with a kind word. Now, think about one of your most dreadful, heartbreaking, difficult moments you have experienced in the last 10 years. Make a SEPARATE list of the people that were there to DSC_0558take your calls, send you messages in social media or email, send you cards, bring you a meal, hold your hand, hug you, just listen. Now, put the two lists side by side. All of the people that are on BOTH lists – those are your people. It’s not to say that the others are not a part of the “list of 100,” but within that list are YOUR PEOPLE. We all know them, we all have them.

Sometimes, amidst the chaos, we just have to make a list to remember that.

Oh, and one other very important reminder. The “list of 100” is ever-changing, ever-expanding, ever-adjusting. It’s part of the circle of life. I hope you enjoy the pictures; these are just a few of my people!IMG_2256[1]IMG_2972


Happy Easter, SHE-friends, and thank you — each and every one of you, whether I know you well or we are new friends — for being MY PEOPLE!




Note from the SHE files: We all have people; sometimes we just need to be still and open our eyes and our hearts to know who they are.


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Amber Day
Amber Day
5 years ago

I never really thought of who my people are. It is such an evolving thing. What you have said has made me take notice of the people that are here now. Thank you! In this fast paced life it gets hard to take notice. I know I am guilty of living on autopilot.

5 years ago

I really enjoy reading your blogs. They make me stop and think about life, family and friendships. Thank you personally for 16 yrs of friendship. I am blessed and you are blessed with such a beautiful family. Keep up your wonderful gift of “writing”.

Kim Schlossberg
5 years ago

Interesting way to look at relationships – and a good reminder to count my blessings – the people who have been here for me.