My Annual Visit from the Ghost of Spring Breaks Past

Ahhhhh, Spring Break. So many memories. I’m so thankful for all of the positive, fun, adventurous family Spring Break photos that have flooded social media all week. Memories have flooded back to me, both from my childhood staycations, having friends over and the family trips. Memories flooding in from when my kids were young and the pure joy of not going to school all week with no worries and days filled with fun and laughter.

But the memories of Spring Break during my college days…hmmmmm.

I shared a few texts with my son, who has now been graduated and gainfully employed for over a year. I asked him how Spring Break was going from his office (wink, wink). We exchanged a few more sarcastic, hysterical texts that led me to a walk down my collegiate Spring Break excursions memory lane. And then my youngest baby cub left for her Spring Break college trip. Ugh.

I know, I know. We raise them to spread their wings, to be responsible putting all of our lectures to good use, we want them to enjoy their down time in between the insane college schedule, and for Mama Bear, ignorance is bliss, right?

THAT is the problem this week. In my 51st year, I find that while many memories seem to be a bit blurred or disjointed from my younger days, my college Spring Break antics are still coming thru loud and clear. The kegs lining the beaches, the collegiate flags “marking” each keg and its circle of fans, and the 12 or so college friends crammed into a tiny 2-bedroom condo sleeping on whatever sliver of floor space we can find. The walking miles along the beach with friends people-watching and the late-night dancing. The appreciation that, back then, there was no such thing as social media posts or cameras on our phones.

I would love to embrace the theory that my littlest one is at a Texas beach simply working on her tan, sipping on bottled water each day and turning in early each evening. But because I’ve “been there, done that, have the T shirt,” I know that she is enjoying her Spring Break freedom. And me? I’m simply touching base each day and waiting for the return “proof of life” text, sleeping with my phone on each night and counting down the minutes until she is safe and sound in her college apartment, praying that maybe, just maybe her Spring Break days are over. Well, until she has kids of her own.

Oh, and to my own Mama Bear, JJ….I AM SO SORRY. Now I get it. Hopefully, my own antics gave me a “leg up” when it comes to my parenting?

Back to work and school everyone  🙂




Note from the SHE Files:

Cherish the memories – the good, the bad and the ugly – we learn something from each of them.

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Alexis Bessinger
Alexis Bessinger
3 years ago

Love the vivid recollection of your Spring Breaks; which were MY spring breaks too!!!!! And I live in Florida!!! After watching a few too many Spring Break shows on the newer Vice channel, I’m thankful that Miss Jacqueline is out in the working world now, having survived 4 spring breaks of her own. I don’t dare ask for details!!!! Hahaha! Hope all went well! Makes me want to go back (for that one magical week in March)!!!
Love, Alexis

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