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When Our Personal and Professional Lives Collide: A Few SHE Observations

By 2011, I had been a working woman for 23 years in a couple of different industries. In that same 23 years, I had been married, had two children, divorced, survived a crazy and unthinkable situation, then met and married […]

So Much Noise In My Head…It’s Time to Play “Keep or Throw”

Not sure if you noticed or not, but I failed to get a blog post out last Sunday. I assure you, it was not for a lack of material from the week’s activities. Actually, it was too much material. So […]

Keep Your Eyes on the Prize: Wait, What IS My Prize?

I am dreading tomorrow. Not because it is Monday. I am dreading tomorrow because it is the day of the first political debate with the two “last candidates standing.” Please don’t delete – this is NOT a political post. You […]

The Truth About Balance…MY truth may surprise you!

The inspiration for this week’s post all came about in my yoga class last Sunday, when about halfway thru the 75 minute practice, our graceful instructor began to guide us thru a series of balance postures. That particular morning, I […]